The Rules

The Rules and Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for your own dog at all times.

DOGability is fully insured but it is advisable that your dog is covered by your own pet insurance.

Dogs must be on lead when on the training field unless instructed otherwise by a trainer.

You must pick up after your dog, including in the car park, main field and training area. Poop bins are provided for quick disposal.

No choke chains. Flat leather collars are recommended.

No bitches in season can be brought to classes.

Children are welcome to join in our classes under appropriate adult supervision, but need to stay calm and quiet when not involved in training exercises. There is a spectators' area where they can also sit and watch, however with very young children a second adult supervisor might be advisable.

We reserve the right to remove a dog from class if we consider it to be aggressive.

What to bring to classes

Please bring proof of vaccination to your first lesson.

Dog treats: tasty, meaty treats such as hot dogs or tuna cake are recommended. There will be a lot of distractions for your dog and good quality treats will help keep his focus on you. Dry biscuits are not enticing enough! We bake a fresh batch of treats every week which are available for you to buy at lessons.

Poop bags.

Flat leather collar: this is recommended for all dogs. If you use a halter or harness then you can bring this along with you. No choke chains are allowed.

Standard training lead: this allows you to participate properly in exercises and is kinder to your hands.
Extendable leads are not recommended for training.

Toy: toys can be used as a training reward so you can bring a favourite toy your dog loves to play with.

Remember our classes are all outdoors so please dress appropriately.


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Dog Agility Classes is a great way to have fun with your dog whilst developing a great working bond between you. Book a Dog Agility Class in Hertfordshire.